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Wine Regions.
Red Varietals.
White Varietals.
Varietal Food Sauces
Barbera Pasta with meat or tomato sauce, Pizza Tomato Based
Barolo Osso Bucco, Veal, Strong Cheeses, Lamb Blue Cheese/Gorganzola Based
Beaujolais Barbeque Ribs, Poultry, Chili, Gazpacho, Pork, Eggs  
Brunello Blue veined cheeses, Risotto, Veal  
Cabernet Franc Pizza, Tomato based dishes Mint Flavored
Cabernet Sauvignon Strong Cheeses, Roast Beef, Lamb, Game Meat Rosemary, Madeira, Blue Cheese, or Port Based
Chablis Shellfish  
Champagne/Sparkling Fried Foods, Caviar, Eggs, Raw Seafood Hollandaise
Chardonnay Light Pastas, Cream Based Soups, Poultry, Shellfish, Mellow Cheeses, Salmon, White Fleshed Fish Pesto, Cream Based, Spicy
Chateauneuf du Pape Duck, Lamb, Veal  
Chenin Blanc Barbequed Food  
Chianti Pasta with meat or tomato sauce, Veal, Tomato based foods, Strong Cheeses Tomato Based, Basil
Cotes de Rhone Most cheeses, Beef, Veal Spicy
Dolcetto Light Beef, Light Pastas  
Gamay Sausages  
Gewurztraminer Chinese, Indian, Ham Soy Based, Spicy
Malbec Heavy Meat dishes, Bean dishes  
Marsanne Seafood  
Meritage Blends Veal  
Merlot Poultry, Beef, Pork, Veal Fruit or Herb Based
Muscadet Raw Seafood  
Moscato Spicy and Salty foods  
Pinot Blanc Tomatos, Seafood  
Pinot Gris/Grigio Seafood, Light Pastas, Salads, Chicken Tartar Sauce, Butter Based
Pinot Noir Beef, Roast Meats, Smoked Meats and Fish, Heavier Seafood, Heavy Vegetables Herb Based
Red Bordeaux Roast Meats  
Riesling Spicy Food, Indian, Japanese, Eggs, Barbeque, Seafood Spicy, Soy Based, Barbeque
Rioja Spicy, Roast Meats  
Rosé Egg, Seafood, Poultry Spicy, Tomato Based
Sangiovese Non-Tomato Based Italian Mushroom Based, Olive/Caper Based, Basil
Sauvignon Blanc Salads, Fried Foods, Light Pastas, Seafood, Chilled Soups, Vegetables Citrus or Herb Based
Shiraz/Syrah Stewed Meats, Grilled Meats or Vegetables, Spicy Madeira or Port Based
Tempranillo Stewed Meats, Grilled Meats, Lamb, Goat Cheese Tomato Based, Heavy Sauces
Viognier Cream based Dishes, Chicken, Seafood, Light Pastas Cream, Herb Based
Zinfandel Roast Meats, Pastas, Tomato Based Foods, Lamb, Pizza Tomato Based, Spicy
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